We can make all kinds of machines according to customers' requirements (Made to Oder) 
with new technology to be a part of increasing the production rate, Improve production line for higher efficiency,
Adding new models, As well as maintenance of machinery

Assembly Line

Is a system that has a continuous assembly of work, Inside the machine will contain a variety of functions. Such as pressing process, welding process, laser marking, inspection work by camera, NG work separation, until the final step in obtaining good quality workpieces according to customer standards and requirements.


Robot Transfer

To move a workpiece from one point to another. The use of robots to move can reduce the use of human force. And to reduce accidents that may occur to people from working in high-risk areas. The use of robots for moving workpieces is of great importance in industrial applications.

Press Machine

There are many applications of press machines in many manufacturing, such as assembly and forming of workpieces by using the incline up-down principle from the use of hydraulic and servo motors.


Washing Machine

After forming the workpiece or assemble the workpiece past several processes may affect the customer's workpiece to be contaminated with various dirt such as oil stains, dust, etc. The washing machine is very important for keeping the customer's workpiece clean again. Using the working principle of the ultrasonic wave,  steam and use air to blow the workpiece dry.

Tightening Machine

Tightening machine is used to screw or nut into the workpiece,Tightening machine will keep the torque to control the torque according to the specification specified by the customer and we can also design the auto supply work and screw.


Leak Testing Machine

Leak testing machine use the detection of air or liquid leaks that may occur on the work. Using pressure monitoring If the machine found that there is a leak in the workpiece, The machine will display the information through the screen and automatically separate the waste workpiece.


It is a device to move workpieces from one point to another. And operate on the next process. Conveyors are suitable for all types of industrial applications and all production processes.


Jig & Fixture

It is a device used to hold and position the workpiece to be constant and accurate every time. Designed to fit the shape of the workpiece, This will allow you to work quickly and easily and save time.

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