Development Process
We propose solutions by General power of HIKARI group for every theme.
HIKARI has a lot of power.For example, “Through Organization” we perform all processes, “Proposal Power” idea wells over, high-tech “Auto Control”
we have a good command of computers, “Image Processing System” is our original, and “HIKARI ASSEMBLY CELL” can assemble line flexibly etc.
We show the power of HIKARI group and construct FA System that the additional value is high. We satisfy customer’s requests.


Planing & Design

It is the creation from zero, so potentiality is infinite.We propose the best FA that meets your purpose.

Staffs that meet customers for a previous arrangement are all engineers who master FA technique.We grasp customer’s needs surely, and aim purpose better than customer’s requests.We discuss from variety sides, for example, machine’s performance, price, tact time, bad quality rate, production cost, manpower saving, other variety correspondence etc.Then, we design systems, and propose FA that the additional value is high.


We create intelligent FA with high control techniques that is cultivated from experience.

The control technique not only moves machines, but also realizes high control function that performs whole production management.Control section’s staffs who are the points of HIKARI’s intelligent concern from design stage of equipment, and construct control system, at the same time, they are thinking about efficiency, operability, maintenance, etc.



HIKARI’s FA, in which engineers’ spirits are always realized, is the fruit of “human power”.

When processed parts or control systems are united, finally it is assembling.It is the moment that engineers’ passion and enthusiasm are realized.At this time, craftsmanship instinct becomes necessary adding to technological skills.In the world of manufacturing, not everything goes as calculated.Therefore, human power that is backed by experiences is the determining factor.Excellent human power is alive in HIKARI’s products. 


HIKARI’s FA, in which engineers’ spirits are always realized, is the fruit of “human power”.

We develop equipment that is suitable for manufacturing scenes.It is possible because we are equipment manufacturers.As the world advances, unpredictable things have appeared one after another, and customers’ needs and challenges have become highly developed.On each occasion, we consider carefully, challenge, and supply new manufacturing systems.In the future, we will use our thinking power and creativity as a manufacturer and keep on developing FA systems that respond to your scene. 


Part Processing

With diverse equipment, we serve your every possible need.

In Part processing, we at HIKARI GROUP offer excellently sophisticated processing technology to meet a wide variety of your needs regardless of one-time processing or mass processing.Apart from part processing, we produce oil-pressure assembly products, rolling pulley, and various types of jigs, etc.By diverse equipment complete, we can meet all possible processing.

Especially for one-time processing, our feature is mobility, which brings out flexibility to meet the deadline.

In addition, we are certificated according to ISO 9001 in the field of mass part processing, oil-pressure products and rolling pulley, and we are working on intensive quality control.

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